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“There are many ways to look at a problem. A breakdown of the components may expose a simplified resolution. Then each component can be evaluated and details added with perspective to the other components, but without being overwhelmed by all the details of all components at once."

“This session has to be, for me, the best, if not one of the best team building sessions

I have ever attended in my 23+ years at IFYKYK ."

“I had several applicable takeaways specifically related to how I can better communicate information to my team and partners. It was eye opening where I focused compared to the rest of the group in the final exercise. I love drawing and this refreshed my skills.”

“The process of creating art allowed me to simplify my thoughts and ideas, minimizing the usual noise that can be distracting in life and work. It was also interesting to learn about how the principles of art can apply to data, in the case of my job, taking large amounts of information processed quickly, and the significance of placement and relationship with this data.”

“He(Eugene) drew an interesting parallel about how we can break down problems into simple recognizable shapes in order to tackle challenges more easily. I do this all the time unconsciously but if we are consciously approaching problems this way we might get to a solution faster.”

“In Eugene's powerful words that are now stuck in my head 'If you change the way you look at things, you can change the way you think' and 'To get a little perspective, move away from the object and look at it from a distance'. This is not applicable only for art but it is so generic and applicable as a philosophy of life.

I believe adopting these viewpoints are going to help me think big and look for

solutions by looking from different perspectives.”

“This workshop was fantastic - the pace was good had time to question and try things.

The interactions were great and linkages back to art also kept it very interesting.

One of the best corporate workshops that I have attended in a long, long time.”

“Fantastic session with great content and a very knowledgeable presenter who was able to

communicate with the goal of enabling understanding.”

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