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Viante & Associates is a private consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of humanity through the betterment and enhanced comprehension of expressive forms of communication. 


What that really means is that we believe in the transformative power of art and that we want to help you harness that force as well.

Our workshops and custom sessions have provided positive measured results and benefits to employees in the area of creativity and innovation since 2017.   


By engaging participants in the act of  drawing, connections can be clearly identified between the creative process of making art and processes found in the everyday workplace.  


Eugene Finney

Lead Associate

Artist, Educator, Project Manager

Eugene is a classically trained,  interdisciplinary artist who brings with him more than four decades of experience in the studio and professional creative fields. His extensive background in the arts has enabled him to thrive in environments that require high levels of creative problem solving and critical thinking.  For the past five years he has shared his practice as a learning and development consultant for an international financial services firm.

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